Friday, March 23, 2012

Crap Your Legislator Says

Part of the ongoing saga of Mrs. Awj Goes to Frankfort....
Representative X: "You know why crime rates are so much lower in Europe? Because they have real consequences. They don't have kids doing all these drugs because in the Netherlands they hang you for drug offenses."

Riiiight....and by right I mean you're an f*ing moron. Just to be sure, I checked and (a) the Netherlands banished capital punishment from their criminal laws over 130 years agoand (b) Amsterdam. You just made Dubya look smarter by comparison. *facepalm*


  1. There's not a single politician that I trust.

    1. It would have been bad enough if he'd been deliberately lying...but he really believed he was speaking the truth. And as infuriating as having someone that dumb in office and trying to have an intelligent conversation with him is, once I got over my pure rage, it made me realize that I *HAVE* to keep going back and educating them. Because if I don't, someone else WILL, and with nonsense such as the above. Yikes!!!