Meet Jen

Hi, I'm Jen awJ - a smart, spunky married girl who loves the outdoors, my dog, my new family, and going off on random tangents. (I refuse to say woman even though grown-up status was bestowed upon me in 2002 by kids at camp amazed by my magical abilities to open ketchup packets and milk cartons.)

I spent five years as a park ranger, only to find myself stuck in an office supervising the people who did what I loved, instead of doing it myself. So I had an early mid-life crisis (although I do still secretly want a nose ring, or rather, a teeny, tiny, sparkly nose stud) and followed my heart home to the people, places, and work I loved.

In the process, I found my soulmate - and yes, as a matter of fact, I WAS looking for him, so you can ignore that useless tidbit of dating advice. I gained a husband, a young stepdaughter, a zip code outside a national park, and the chance to finally try what I've craved and feared since high school - writing for the world to see.

So here I am! Thanks for checking out my blogs. I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings, random thoughts, and tales of misadventure.

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